About Me



OK, so this is where you've arrived to find out all about me, where I'm supposed to "toot my own horn".  I'm honestly more comfortable taking action and helping people than I am with talking about myself, but here goes.......

I've always had a sincere desire to help people, and I think that the skills and knowledge that I bring to this endeavor give me a fresh perspective:

37 Years Training/Teaching Karate

In 1973, I started training in Japanese Shotokan Karate, because I had simply been drawn to it for many years.  As a child, it seemed like magic to me.  As I became a young woman, it was a means of self-defense.  And as I got older, it became a process of self-discovery and a way to develop my inner mental and emotional strength and outer physical strength.  I competed for 12 years winning many local, regional, and national tournaments.  This culminated in first place finishes in 1983 and 1985 in the Women's Kumite (Sparring) Division of the National Tournaments of the AAKF (All America Karate Federation), in San Francisco and Princeton, N.J.

I have taught Karate and self-defense to men, women, and children of all ages since my first professional teaching position in 1978.  This includes teaching people with several kinds of disabilities like cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis,  those recovering from stroke, those in wheelchairs with paraplegia and quadriplegia, and even blindness.  (When teaching Karate to those with disabilities you need to concentrate on the things the students are able to do, rather than what they can't do).  I'm still teaching beginners and black belts as of this writing, in 2010.

My "sensei" (teacher) was a former marine and drill instructor, who was also in special forces.  The tough training sessions he put us through (17 years non-stop for me) were a big influence in my life.  I have much to thank him for.  During his dynamic, intense, and no-nonsense classes, I trained and sparred mostly with a huge variety of men, and several other women who had the guts and determination to stick it out. 

Despite various kinds of injuries I sustained over the years, and the exhaustion I felt after every class, I constantly discovered how to push beyond my limits.  (I learned that this strength of will, or power of the mind, is essential for any kind of health and healing issue).  And as any injured and tired athlete or dancer will tell you, if you're vibrantly alive doing something you love, then it's all worth it! 

I received my first black belt ranking for Shodan (1st degree) in 1976.  I took my final physical exam in 1993, receiving Godan (5th degree black belt).  After my teacher, I remain the highest ranking member of our dojo (studio), or any of our affiliate dojos, among all men and women.

24 Years Learning/Practicing Massage Therapy

In 1986 I started learning massage therapy and received my license to practice in 1987.  By 1997, massage therapists in my city/county were required to go back to school to get additional schooling and certification.  As of this writing, in 2010, I'm still practicing massage therapy and fulfilling "continuing education" requirements every year.  Also, I have learned several kinds of bodywork/energy work including:  Swedish Massage (with an in-depth study of anatomy and physiology), acupressure (which balances the meridians/energy pathways of the body), deep tissue work, color therapy, Reiki, chair massage, pregnant women's massage, hand and foot reflexology, TMJ massage (this is for the joint in your jaw, which can get locked up and/or moved out of alignment), plus others.

I've had many years-worth of discovering and learning about aspects of my own health and wellness and I have often advised others how to handle their health in a common sense and holistic manner wherever possible.

Now, that's enough about me........the rest is for you.