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What Is Protandim and the Problem with Antioxidants

Posted On 2011-10-02 , 5:06 PM

What is Protandim?  I'll get to that in a little bit, but first I want to tell you about a long-time problem with antioxidants that we have that nobody really talks about.
Doctors and nutritionists have been telling us for years that we need to take our antioxidants to kill off free radicals which damage our cells.  It seems that our bodies produce free radicals just by moving, eating, breathing.  On top of that, we need extra antioxidant supplements to fight off the free radical attack of toxins in our air, water, and food.  The good news is that we can also eat our antioxidants:  like oranges, other citrus fruits, and tomatoes for vitamin C, or dry roasted almonds, olives, and blueberries for Vitamin E, or even beef, chicken, fish, nuts, and avocados for heart-healthy CoQ10.

Here's the problem:  in 40 years of research, they've discovered that we are assaulted by 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 free radicals.......PER DAY!  
That number, I've found out, is called 300 sextillion.  In addition, the effects are cumulative:  not only do you need to fight off free radical damage today, but another 300 sextillion of these molecules are waiting for you tomorrow.  With the ongoing damage to your cells at this magnitude, it's no wonder that we develop degenerative diseases as we age.  In fact, oxidative stress (the damage caused by free radicals) has been linked to about 200 diseases, including cancer, arthritis, MS, etc.
Additional not-so-good news is that if you take too much of your antioxidant supplements, you can cause digestive problems with too much vitamin C, create toxic levels with too much vitamin E, or induce gastrointestinal problems with too much CoQ10.  So how do we combat the hoards of enemies in our cells without massive amounts of antioxidant enzymes?
This is where they've discovered another way:  Why not introduce an "indirect" antioxidant into the body?  
What does that mean for us?  If we can get the body to produce it's own antioxidant enzymes, then they can go after, and destroy, a major portion of the huge numbers of these free radicals.  It turns out that we have antioxidant enzymes flowing freely around our cells up untill the age of 20.  After that, no surprise, our levels begin to decline dramatically as we age.  We feel it when we don't recover as quickly as we used to after an illness, an injury, or a simple workout.
So, what can produce this profusion of "indirect" antioxidants?  You may have heard about a supplement called Protandim.  What is Protandim?  It's a synergistic blend of 5 ingredients that causes your OWN body to produce Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Catalayse, and Glutathione.  In fact it up-regulates these antioxidant enzymes by 30%, 54%, and 300%, respectively.  Even the best antioxidant supplement molecules will die out after destroying one free radical at the ratio of 1: 1. However, Protandim is the catalyst for the production of the 3 enzymes above, which then go after free radicals at the rate of 1: 1 million, every second, 24 hrs/day. Plus, these antioxidant enzymes do not die off!
See and hear more about Protandim at:  What Is Protandim?
For further info:  Revolutionary Breakthrough


Some Things in Excess: Laughter and Health

Posted On 2008-06-30 , 1:58 PM

I was thinking recently about laughter and health and its enduring place in our lives.  Years ago, when I was taking one of my college classes at UCLA, one of my professors told us that he had a saying:  "Everything in moderation, but some things in excess."  I believe it was a call to get the most out of your life, to indulge now and again.  But I think, with our jobs, marriages, families, responsibilities, we can hardly go "hog-wild" whenever we feel like it!
What can I do that some may see as excessive, but which I know will be good for me or my health, because I really love it and it's not illegal?  I listened to the sound of my laughter as thought, "I can't go on a drinking binge, or eat everything in sight, or spend $500 for a pair of shoes, or jump out of a perfectly good airplane, like my paratrooper dad did during WWII (well, I guess I could, but I'm chicken that way)."

No, I'm thinking about the kind of things that will make me feel glorious and exuberant, and might inspire gales of laughter and even be great for my health.  Let's see:  I could see a live musical play with my family like "A Chorus Line"  or "Wicked".  How about a night ride to the high desert to see the meteor shower that planet earth passes through every year around this time?  What about a live performance by a current stand-up comedienne, like Cathy Griffin, or Rita Rudner?  Now that's something that could produce laughter and benefit my health at the same time! 

I have to say that a couple of weeks ago, I was giving a massage to one of my clients, who could not lie down on my table, so he was sitting facing the back of his chair in front of the TV.  His health was not that great, but I was soon treated to the sound of his boisterous laughter.  His son had turned on a comedy concert of Cathy Griffin performing live,  taped for Bravo.  I'd forgotten how outrageous Cathy can be, but I also noticed how uninhibited and fearless she is, too, because she dares to say things that most people can only think about.  My client's son now could hear hearty laughter coming from both of us, and he smiled to see his dad acting as if he were in the peak of health.  In addition, there were moments I was actually screaming!  I had a blast, and it was one of the easiest massages I've ever given.

In a recent TV Guide, Italian screen legend and bombshell, Sophia Loren was interviewed about her career and her effect on men. (I remember watching "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" as a little girl.  Sophia's character was crying because she was so in love with Marcello Mastroianni's character, that she was trying to do all she could to please him.  As it was a comedy, I remember my sister and I holding our stomachs and heaving with laughter at the side-splitting hilarity of the situation onscreen,  and I think now, what could have been better for our health?) Anyway, TV Guide's last question was in reference to an old, classic photo of Sophia sitting next to that other bombshell, Jayne Mansfield, looking at her chest as Jayne leaned forward onto the table, in a low-cut dress.  When asked what she was thinking at the time,  Sophia answered:  "I was very much afraid her breast was going to come out completely! [Laughs] It was fear!"  Upon reading her reply, I threw my head back,  and with continuous whoops of delighted laughter, I felt glorious and exuberant and knew that, right then, nothing could be better for my health!



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What Is Protandim and the Problem with Antioxidants


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