That Irritating Chronic Cough and What You Can Do to Alleviate It

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You've probably already guessed that the chronic cough you're experiencing, the one that's interrupting your conversations and TV viewing and even your sleep, may be the result of a variety of conditions.

Let's start with the possible simple explanations, first.  Is that chronic cough the result of dusty conditions at home or work?  You could be breathing in airborne dust from soil or from outdoor pollens, breathing in indoor dust containing dust mites, or perhaps your chronic cough is due to the air-conditioning or heating.  Perhaps the air filters are dirty or the conditioned air, itself, is drying out your throat.  In these cases you could:

*wear a dust mask if you're out sweeping or raking or working outside

*dust and vacuum the areas in your house that you've neglected for awhile

*change or clean the air filters at home (and ask that the same be done at work because you've got a chronic cough)

* for dry air in your home, try using a humidifier

If you've got a chronic cough due to allergies (resulting in rhinitis) and dusting and cleaning still isn't alleviating the problem, then you may need to take medication.  However, a natural supplement or remedy might be better for your health in the long run, preventing the accumulation of drug toxins in your liver.  Learn more about AllergiClear and the Native Remedies range of homeopathic, herbal remedies.

Your chronic cough could also be the result of the cold your kids gave you.  This is the cold they happily took from their friends when they shook hands or exchanged food items at school, the cold they lovingly shared with you by hugging and kissing you, and then, with their own chronic cough, they propelled it in your direction!

If after your cold, your chronic cough isn't going away, then maybe it's progressed to something more like sinusitis or bronchitis, and unless they're bacterially caused, antibiotics won't work on these.  In these cases, as your sinuses or bronchial tubes have become inflamed and full of mucus, you are also getting the unfortunate "benefits" of a post-nasal drip, resulting in that chronic cough. Decongestants and antihistamines may alleviate that drip and give you some relief, but again, a natural aid is ultimately better for your body.

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I need to add a big note of caution here.  If you're still having a chronic cough after checking out all of the above situations, and you still haven't been to the doctor, then please go, because a chronic cough may also be a symptom of asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), or cancer.  You need to rule those out!
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