"I Can Barely Get Out of Bed and My Heart Is Racing!":  Symptoms of Severe Anemia 

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Little do you know that you may be having symptoms of severe anemia.  You're dragging yourself through your day, just barely,  and your heart doesn't feel right. You're telling yourself you just don't have  the time to see a doctor.  However, 
 anemia, is a condition with symptoms ranging from the mild to the severe and you'd better arm yourself with some facts.......

Did you know that as many as 20 million Americans are suffering from the symptoms of undiagnosed anemia?  That's because anemia may be difficult to recognize and the symptoms may be mild for a period of  time before they become severe.  Adding to the the health challenge, anemia symptoms are often mistaken for those of other diseases or for drug side effects. People routinely ignore the symptoms of anemia or believe they are due to other causes, plus, women lose iron-containing blood every month during menstruation:   AnemiCare - Temporarily Increases Iron Absorption to Avoid Iron Deficiency

Here are the most severe symptoms of anemia:

* chest pain

*enlarged spleen

* extreme fatigue

* weakness

* tongue inflammation

* difficulty swallowing

* shortness of breath

* difficulty standing

* low blood pressure

* rapid heart rate (may cause an enlarged heart muscle
and possible heart failure)


What Causes the Symptoms of Mild and Severe Anemia? 

What Can You Do to Prevent the Symptoms of Severe Anemia?  Check here to learn about the mild symptoms, first.

Who's Most at Risk for Both the Mild and Severe Symptoms of Anemia?

The bottom line: If you're feeling poorly and if you want peace of mind,  then make sure to get an anemia test from your doctor before your symptoms become more severe.  It measures blood hemoglobin levels.

You're going to want your energy, your healthy-looking facial color, your sharp mind, your appetite, and your beautiful fingernails.  You're going to want all of it back.  It may be as simple as adding more iron to your diet, or taking a great iron supplement.

AnemiCare - Temporarily Increases Iron Absorption to Avoid Iron Deficiency