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You're here to find out all you can about yeast infection symptoms, but they can be very graphic.  However, if you're here because you're suffering from a yeast infection, then you're going to want to know about all the symptoms, graphic or not.  Most importantly, I want you to know that you can find relief and prevent yeast infection symptoms from recurring.  You can discover the root cause of all the pain and discomfort you're experiencing!  Click here to learn about the shockingly easy 12-hour treatment to relieve the outward yeast infection symptoms and then read on to see how you can learn about the cure.

Sometimes, the yeast infection symptoms you're having are very obvious.  They are the outward symptoms of a yeast infection, like having chronic skin rashes.  Symptoms can be as easy to spot as that itchy feeling in your genitals or the burning sensation you feel during urination.  But the list of yeast infection symptoms is a bit longer, even for the outward symptoms.  These symptoms can also apply to both men and women, and even children are not immune to many of the symptoms on both of the lists below! These include:

*sore genitals and/or pain during intercourse or urination

*a thick white genital discharge (which may have no odor at all, or may smell strongly medicinal, like penicillin or moldy cheese)

*yeast infections on the toenails or fingernails are also obvious symptoms

*oral thrush (this is a yeast infection caused by the same strain of candida albicans that infects the genitals, and symptoms can also include having thrush in the throat)

*chronic rashes, including eczema


Now we come to a long list of yeast infection symptoms, which are not so obvious, and which point to the insidious nature of this condition:

*heart burn, acid reflux

*weight gain and bloating

*stomach ache/digestive pain and food allergies

*headaches or constant migraines

*respiratory and/or sinus infections

*brain fog, memory problems, blurred vision

*joint pain or swelling and/or muscle aches

*mood swings like irritability and depression

*cravings for sugary food


Vaginal creams or suppositories may sooth the initial symptoms of a yeast infection (for women), and an anti-fungal drug like fluconazole may help for awhile, but in the end it will suppress your immune system.  Neither of these will cure the underlying condition, especially if your yeast infection symptoms are the recurring kind or the chronic kind. 
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Both the obvious and not-so-obvious yeast infection symptoms are trying to tell you and your body that something is wrong and that you are completely out of balance.  If untreated, and the candida shifts from a yeast to a fungal form, it produces root-like structures that can penetrate your intestinal walls and create holes leading to "leaky gut syndrome", the point at which toxic waste like bacteria and undigested food can enter the blood stream.  When this happens and you have a system-wide infection, this can cause such conditions as chronic diarrhea, constipation, and arthritis.  Your initial yeast infection symptoms have now turned into very challenging health problems!

90% of the population has an overgrowth of yeast in their bodies due, in part,  to stress and a poor diet.  You can learn how to cure yeast infection symptoms and prevent them from recurring by putting your body back into balance with well-known nutritionist/researcher, Linda Allen's e-book,"Yeast Infection No More." 

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